"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
George Bernard Shaw

Iacta is a consulting and development company with a mission to help bridge the digital divide and bring the benefits of interactivity to everyone.

Iacta's Games4TV

Iacta's Games4TV service is deployed in cable and IPTV, in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, in hotels and senior housing, and in our own direct-to-consumer service. The games in our library incorporate elements that have been shown to improve memory and brain plasticity, and are designed from the ground up for play on TV with a 4-direction remote control or touchpad.

Games4TV in IPTV & Cable

Games4TV is especially popular with seniors, and it's available for almost all major middlewares and browsers. Delight your hardest-to-upsell subscribers with Games4TV, and get their loyalty forever.

Games4TV in Hospitals and Residential Facilities

Every day, thousands of hospital patients and residents in senior housing and assisted living turn to Games4TV for fun and mental exercise. Shouldn't yours be able to play, too?

Opportunities with Net4TV

Net4TV includes Iacta's own consumer deployment of Games4TV, along with our Talk4TV community and Net4TV Guides. It is an ad-free, member-supported service, and we are happy to discuss partnering opportunities with your community.